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Message From Dr.A.Ameer Jahan, the Patron and Advisor:

“We provide leading-edge Post Graduate Medical Education to meet National and International Healthcare needs. The strong and effective educational alliance with the Stavropol State Medical University, Stavropol, Russia and the local Healthcare Institutions, offers outstanding academic resources and experience in Medical Education, Development and Research.

Inter-professional learning, innovative techniques and new ways of working enable us to meet the National and International requirements for continuing professional development and the Post Graduate Medical Education. Our Post Graduate Medical Education programmes respond to the individual and changing needs of practitioners in contemporary Healthcare, providing short courses and tailored educational programmes for those working within tertiary care”.

In pursuit of its mission, the ICMER strives to

  • Offer quality, career-oriented Post Graduate Medical Programmes (Degree/Diploma/Certificate) in selected fields and quality professional programmes.
  • Implement the ICMER motto “Excellence in Education” by encouraging Post Graduate Medical Students to strive for excellence in their professional activity.
  • Develop further as an International Institution, where Indian and international students, faculty and staff are valued for their academic and cultural values.
  • Recruit and Retain Qualified Faculty and Support their Development.
  • Recruit and Retain Qualified Faculty and Support their Development.
  • Strengthen Facilities, Resources and Services to provide a Stimulating Environment Conducive to Personal and Professional Growth, Discovery and Learning.
  • Continually Review and Update Programmes to keep pace with Developments and Standards in International Higher Medical Education.
  • Enhance Student Communication, Democratic Leadership and Critical Thinking Skills.
  • Expand Opportunities for Professional and Social Interaction.
  • Remain firmly committed to the Economic, Social, Scientific and Cultural Development of India.