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Message From the Rector of the Stavropol State Medical University, Stavropol, Russia,
Prof. Dr.Vladimir Ivanovich Koshel

“You have chosen Stavropol State Medical University — you have made a right choice! It is well known that the medical profession is one of the most important, popular, and respected one. The ancient Latin proverb says, «Omnium artium medicina nobilissima est» — «Medicine is the noblest of all arts».

Our excellent teaching and learning opportunities for the Post Graduate Medical Education Programmes, have been consistently recognized globally as the best by the Quality Assurance Bodies in the world. Partnership with International Medical Teaching and Healthcare Institutions ensure that your learning is based on professional practice, which will meet the requirements of you as a Post Graduate Medical Student and the needs of your future career by an inclusive approach to reach your academic potential. Cutting-edge Post Graduate Degree/Diploma/Fellowship programmes are underpinned by relevant research and the use of current medical technology and our expertise makes you a key player in the Healthcare Industry in India”.